Investments via a financial trust.

16 February, 2022

Investments via a financial trust.

Investments with Financial Trusts exceed US$2,000 MM

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Investments via a Financial Trust have permeated the real estate industry in the Dominican Republic because of the additional security it brings to the investors and developers.

The security, credibility, transparency and benefits provided by a financial trust will continue to grow over time so the concept of developing a construction using a financial trust continues to be an engine to the economy. Financial trusts are backed up by prominent financial entities in the country.

Buying property through developers who use a financial trust has impacted various sectors of the economy, such as apartment projects that are under development in numerous areas in the country.

The most important thing is that every day more real estate deals are being carried out based on the financial trust model. So now you can buy your apartment under construction and pay for it as it gets built with absolutely no risk.

Investments via Trust – Figures

The statistics of the Superintendence of Banks (SIB) confirm the important contribution:

  • The implementation of the Trust in the Dominican Republic has managed to strengthen the industry with US$2,045.71 million traded for the first half of 2019.

The millionaire investments have been placed through the 20 financial entities that work with negotiations under the regulations of the Trust in the Dominican Republic.

Real estate investment trusts.

  1. The Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Development Trust reached a total of US$1,179.41 million as of June 2019. (58% of the total amounts).
  2. Similarly, the Investment Trusts reached the sum of US$29.73 million for the same period of analysis, January – June 2019.

The financial trust generates confidence when conducting business such as investment and/or transfer of properties. It is one of the most innovative tools in the financial sector.

So what are you waiting for there is no financial risk in your investment and you can earn that extra 15-30% appreciation by buying pre-construction here in the Dominican Republic. Contact me today.

✍️Author of this article-Adys Sanchez