Why should you retire in the Dominican Republic?

9 March, 2022

Why should you retire in the Dominican Republic?

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic was recently voted by a well known magazine as one of the top ten BEST places to retire around the world.  The most important  reasons why people decide to retire in a tropical paradise are quality  of  life., cost of living ,climate,community, comfort and happiness .

The  Dominican Republic can provide you with all your needs and wants.

The Cost of living in Dominican Republic is, on average, 40.24% lower than in United States or other European countries. Rent in Dominican Republic is, on average, 76.14% lower than in the United States.or other European Countries.  So your retirement funds  can provide you with a very comfortable, stress free lifestyle. 

Climate is another  reason why people  continue to choose this tropical  island, with an average year round temperature of 28 degrees Celsius,  and lots of  sunny days . You will certainly have a healthier state of mind. Studies have shown that sunlight helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin, and it can give you more energy and help keep you calm, positive and focused.  Warm weather can lead to a healthier,happier  lifestyle. 

Becoming part of the local community is very important when relocating. Dominicans are a very welcoming community and you will also find lots of people from all over the world that have similar interest as you, that also chose this paradise as their retirement home. So making new friends  is easy and you will be able to integrate yourself into the community from day one.

Comfort plays a very important role on where you choose to retire. You want to continue to have  access to the same quality of services you are used to back home.  In the Dominican Republic, we have several International airports, highly qualified medical centers, high-end shopping centers, banking, diverse restaurants, golf courts, etc, anything you can possibly think of you will have easy access to in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic can offer you everything you need to retire comfortably and live your best life. There is nothing wrong with waking up to a beach view everyday or having a cocktail in your own  picuzzi. 

Start planning your retirement today, invest pre-construction and have multiple incomes when you retire. 

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✍️Author of this article-Adys Sanchez